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Jonathan Ruffle: Creator, Co-Producer & Writer of TOMMIES for the BBC


Below is the twitter film which seems to have caught a lot of people's imaginations. It's about blowing up buried WW1 shells so we can capture a sound that hasn't been heard for 100 years. At least it would be there if we hadn't been contacted by our friends in the French bomb disposal team. The changing security situation over there means they would prefer not to have identifiable pictures and names. So we'll be going through the site taking them out and replacing them. It'll take a bit of time but it is our pleasure to do the right thing.

We've updated this profile film made by Hilary Easter-Jones who specialises in making shorts about the creative process. It focusses on 2016's TOMMIES episodes about the build-up to the Somme. We'll get more 1917/2017 material soon: check the individual episode pages.